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[share_ebook] Storage Networking & Tivoli Backup

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Storage Networking & Tivoli Backup

share_ebook Storage Networking Tivoli Backup
Storage Networking & Tivoli Backup Size 791.30 MB


I am looking after Storage Networking and Backup using Tivoli and IBM Storage devices and SAN switches since last 1-2 years. Very few books and other sources of internet I find suitable for actual Storage networking. It took so much time to collect and achieve this. Actually this collection is only for those people working in IBM's storage devices or those who want to learn about Storage Networking in general

About Storage Networking:

Those servers having Fiber channel adapters can only be configured with IBM storage devices like FASTt and DS4000 (The manual are included). This is an excellent technology for data sharing among several servers as the storage pool is not part of any one server hence failure in one server donot affect other. Storage space in FASTt or DS4000 (latest device from IBM) can be configured and partitioned among several servers with FC adapter by using Storage Manager Client9 (It's manual also included and you can find the manual from Storage Networking & Tivoli BackupNASFAStT_DS4000 StorageManager). The software for Storage Manager Client 9 is also included in separate directory so that User can load and go through help menu to find how to setup storage.

NAS Gateway 300 convert them into block form and write into LTO (the manuals are also included in concerned directory). LTO can be managed by the navigation keys available there This have menu system. Every tape have a unique serial no and in this small terminal of LTO you can see the serial nos of those tapes available in LTO. In LTO 10 Tapes can be inserted it have to part (part1 have 8 tape) and (part 2 have 2 tape)
Following Excellent books I referred for grasp-up the concept of storage networking:

1. John Wiley and Sons - Storage Networks Explained.pdf
2. Designing Storage Area Networks A Practical Reference for Implementing Fibre Channel and IP SANs, Second Edition.chm
3. IP Storage Networking Straight to the Core.pdf

Above books are included under NAS/BOOKs Directory

About Tivoli:

share_ebook Storage Networking Tivoli Backup

98% corporate peoples use Tivoli for data backup from desktop and servers. Good knowledge on NAS, SAN and LTO without Tivoli know how donot mean anything and donot help at all in real life environment. Hence knowledge on Tivoli is Must in storage networking. Therefore I also included in this bundle.

Under Tivoli Directory U can find following excellent manual which I referred.

1. Understanding the IBM TotalStorage Open Software Family.pdf
2. Deployment Guide Series-- IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager.pdf
3. IBM - IBM 3581 LTO Ultrium Device Driver version 5_0_6_6.mht
4. IBM - IBM 3582 Ultrium Tape Library Firmware.mht
5. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Implementation Guide.pdf
6. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for System Backup and RecoveryInstallation.pdf
7. IBM_Tape_Driver_IUG.pdf
8. Implementation Best Practices for IBM Tivoli License Manager.pdf
9. Tivoli Storage Management.pdf

The directory under Storage Networking & Tivoli Backuptivoli trainingLab Guide and Reading Material includes tivoli practical related manuals like:

1. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Express Deployment Guide.pdf
3. CDP-Users-Guide.pdf

For Beginners or those who are start using Tiovli can use "Tivoli Doc" directory. Which have audio visual lessions showing following topics. Under Storage Networking & Tivoli Backuptivoli trainingTSMx directory U find Tivoli Storage Manager Express Trial version software. U can trial the lab section of this documentation using this software.

Unit 1: Overview and Key Concepts

Lesson 1: Overview
Lesson 2: Key Concepts
Lesson 3: Getting Started
Lesson 4: Using the Administrative Interface

Unit 2: Installation

Lesson 1: Installing the Backup Server Software
Lesson 2: Adding Computers and Installing the Backup Client Software
Lesson 3: Optional Application Client Software

Unit 3: Backing Up Computers and Applications

Lesson 1: Managing File Versions and File Spaces
Lesson 2: Excluding Files from Automatic Backups
Lesson 3: Managing Schedules for Automatic Backups
Lesson 4: Performing Manual Backups

Unit 4: Media Copies

Lesson 1: Media Copy Key Concepts
Lesson 2: Creating a Media Copy
Lesson 3: Using Media Groups
Lesson 4: Working with Existing Media Copies

Unit 5: Restoring Data

Lesson 1: Restoring Data
Lesson 2: Restoring Data for a Computer
Lesson 3: Restoring Data for an Application
Lesson 4: Configuring Restore and Collision Options

Unit 6: Managing the Backup Server

Lesson 1: Managing the Backup Server
Lesson 2: Controlling Backup Server Access
Lesson 3: Modifying Backup Server Settings
Lesson 4: Protecting and Recovering the Backup Server

Unit 7: Managing Libraries, Drives, and Tapes

Lesson 1: Storage Device Concepts
Lesson 2: Tape Management Concepts
Lesson 3: Tape Library Management
Lesson 4: Stand-alone Tape Drives

Unit 8: Monitoring System Status and Reviewing Reports

Lesson 1: Sending Status Reports to Backup Administrators
Lesson 2: Monitoring Backups and the Backup Server

share_ebook Storage Networking Tivoli Backup

Code: Networking & Tivoli Backup.part1.rar Networking & Tivoli Backup.part2.rar Networking & Tivoli Backup.part3.rar Networking & Tivoli Backup.part4.rar
Code: Networking & Tivoli Backup.part1.rar Networking & Tivoli Backup.part2.rar Networking & Tivoli Backup.part3.rar Networking & Tivoli Backup.part4.rar

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