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[PDF] Problems In Elementary Physics

ISBN: 8123910142

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PDF Problems In Elementary Physics

Author: Bukhovtsev B | Publisher: Cbs | Category: Physics | Language: English | Page: 442 | ISBN: 8123910142 | ISBN13: 9788123910147 |

Description: This collection of 816 problems is based on the textbook elementary physics edited by academician g. S. Landsberg. For this reason the content and nature of the problems and their arrangement mainly conform with this textbook. There is no section devoted to atomic physics however since the exercises in landsbergs book lllustrate the relevant material in sufficient detail. Some problems on this subject have been included in other chapters. The problems most of which are unique require a fundamental knowledge of the basic laws of physics and the ability to apply them in the most diverse conditions. A number of problems in the book have been revised from those used at the annual contests organized by the physics faculty of the moscow university. The solutions of al\ the difficult problems are given in great detail. Solutions are also given for some of the simpler ones. The book is recommended for self-education of senior pupils of general and special secondary and technical schools. Many problems will be useful for first and second year students of higher schools.

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