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Karl Taylor – Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2 (2012)

语言: English

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Karl Taylor Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2 2012
Karl Taylor – Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2 (2012)
English| Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s
VPB| Video: mpeg2video, yuv420p, 720×480, 7700 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r)| 3,9GB
Genre: Video Tutorial

The ultimate techniques for advanced photographers.
In this the fourth programme of the Karl Taylor Masterclass Series we push your photography boundaries even further with top pro techniques and further specialised areas for capturing stunning images. Karl takes you on location for several fashion shoots, including one with just natural light plus one for strobists. Also learn Karl’s top tips for night sky photography as we visit the deserts of California with some spectacular results, and fasten your seatbelt for a dynamic motion car shoot. With some new HDR photography plus a panoramic shoot you have more than two and a half hours of inspirational photography training.

On this DVD you will learn:
• HDR Photography
To create realistic or abstract HDR images in color or black and white, you must consider exposure, Karl takes you through the techniques step by step
• Merging to HDR
The best HDR images are a result of good blending and understanding the EV. Watch and learn with a meticulous explanation to arrive at a stunning HDR image.
• Panoramic Images
Create super sized wall art and canvases with panoramic stitching techniques. In this section Karl shows you how to capture these images and tips for merging images for the best results.
• Landscape Flash
A touch of flash in high speed sync mode is all that is needed to add a splash of color and lift your image above the ordinary. Follow Karl to Lands End in Cornwall to capture a stunning landscape with this simple but effective technique.
• Twilight and Night Photography
We delve further into the twilight zone and night photography with several examples of serene, spectacular night images. Find out why the twilight period will make or break your image.
• Fashion Photography
Unpack your flash guns and emulate Karl’s techniques for dynamic fashion shoots on a budget. With four completely different hot shoots Karl shows you how to do it with the latest Pro Gear but also how to do it on a budget with simple non brand strobes.
• Scrims and the Midday Sun
Don’t have any lights? Don’t worry, Karl takes us into the dessert for some stunning fashion shots using just sunlight and reveals how to overcome the lighting problems of harsh sunlight.
• Opportunity Photography
Karl hits the streets of New York to capture opportunity images, he shows you his eye for spotting an image and the right light and then how to add extra elements to make the scene a superb photograph.
• Night Skies
Modern cameras come into their own for some stunning results. Capture the Milk way and distant star fields in brilliant detail with spectacular ease to create surreal night landscapes.
• Flowing Water
Make water dream like and magical, follow Karl into the forest for some idyllic flowing rivers photography.
• Car shoot
Bolt your camera to a car with ease and capture dynamic images with a few simple accessories that will leave people gobsmaked with the results.
• Photography Knowledge Review
Karl reviews each image for an overview to ensure you have understood exactly how to achieve the top results for professional photography.

http://extabit.com/file/27avzj70vjvi1/Karl Taylor - Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2.part01.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27avzj70vjvm1/Karl Taylor - Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2.part02.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27avzj70vjvmh/Karl Taylor - Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2.part03.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27avzj70vjvmx/Karl Taylor - Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2.part04.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27avzj70vjyqx/Karl Taylor - Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2.part05.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27avzj70vjyrd/Karl Taylor - Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2.part06.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27avzj70vito9/Karl Taylor - Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2.part07.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27avzj70vjyo9/Karl Taylor - Advanced Digital SLR Photography 2.part08.rar

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