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[share_ebook] Edible and poisonous mushrooms of the world

作者: Ian R.Hall, Steven L.Stephenson, Peter K.Buchanan, Wang Yun, Anthony L.J.Cole

日期: 2003

ISBN: 0881925861

页数: 372

语言: English

出版社: Timber Press

标签: 百科全书

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The past few decades have witnessed a dramatic increase in the diversity of mushrooms gracing the tables of our restaurants and the shelves of our supermarkets. While the increased consumption has consisted primarily of cultivated varieties of Asian origin, there has also been an upsurge of interest in mushrooms that can be obtained only from the wild. A concern over a lack of knowledge in Australasia, the often prevailing opinion that “if it’s natural it must be edible,” and some significant incidents of mushroom poisonings prompted the development and ultimate publication of a book on the subject in New Zealand in 1998. The book, written by Ian Hall, Peter Buchanan, Wang Yun, and Tony Cole, covered the most important edible and poisonous mushrooms that Australians and New Zealanders might encounter in the wild, as well as the edible mushrooms that could be purchased in supermarkets. The original authors were joined by Steve Stephenson, a mycologist from the United States, and their combined efforts produced this new book. Whereas the first book mentioned or illustrated about 205 taxa, this book treats about 280 taxa, and many taxa only mentioned or illustrated in the first book are now discussed. The resulting reference is truly international in its coverage and will appeal to enthusiasts from around the world.

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