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[share_ebook] Christopher Reich - 5 Novels

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Numbered Account
A job he shouldn't have taken... A woman he shouldn't have loved... A secret he shouldn't expose...if he wants to live. Nick Neumann had it all: a Harvard degree, a beautiful fiancée, a star-making Wall Street career. But behind the dazzling veneer of this golden boy is a man haunted by the brutal killing of his father seventeen years before. Now chilling new evidence has implicated his father's employer, the United Swiss Bank, in the crime. Nick doesn't know how. Or why. But he has a plan to find out: move to Zurich. Work for the same bank. Follow in his father's footsteps. Look for the same secrets...and uncover something so shocking, so unexpected, justice may not be enough.

The First Billion

With his fortune, his future, and his career on the line, former Desert Storm pilot John "Jett" Gavallan has dispatched his best buddy to Russia to scope out some very disturbing rumors. When his friend fails to return, Gavallan doesn't have time to suspect the worst. Instead, he must beeline it to Moscow to resolve the mess and save as many lives as he can. A pulsing international thriller from the author of Numbered Account and The Runner.

The Patriots' Club

Thomas Bolden grew up on the streets, his childhood a blur of fragmented memories. But now he's managed to put his past behind him, find the woman he wants to share his life with, and carve out a successful career on Wall Street. Until, in the blink of an eye, his world is turned upside down. A bizarre kidnapping sends him fleeing for his life, his face everywhere on the TV news, and a violent, shadowy organization is framing him for crimes he did not commit.

The Runner:

Reminiscent of the works of Ken Follett and Fredrick Forsythe, Christopher Reich's second novel (following the blockbuster, The Numbered Account), The Runner, is a tour de force of post-World War II intrigue set in a defeated, but still writhing, Germany. The Runner is a breakneck-paced story that does justice to all perspectives involved; in it, both the innocent and the guilty on each side of the war must face their own aspirations and personal guilt as they are drawn into head-on confrontations with their enemies and themselves. The notorious SS soldier Erich Seyss, a former Olympic runner nicknamed the "White Lion," has escaped from an American POW camp where he's been imprisoned for appalling war crimes. Devlin Judge, an ex-Brooklyn-cop-turned-lawyer, is in charge of interrogating and prosecuting Goering, but decides instead to go on the hunt for Seyss, who is responsible for the murders of 70 unarmed American soldiers including Judge's own brother, a Jesuit priest. Although Judge's commanding officers are reluctant to allow him to head the search, he eventually earns one week to recapture Seyss before being forced to return to his position in the International Legal Tribunal.

The Devil's Banker
In this thriller about the dazzling world of high finance and international intrigue, Christopher Reich introduces a new hero, forensic accountant Adam Chapel, whose simple task is to save the world from the ultimate weapon of war -- money. When an explosion shatters a Parisian apartment, killing a suspected terrorist and four of Chapel's colleagues, half a million dollars go missing -- and the CIA believes it has found a link to a planned terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Now an elite counterterrorist force led by Chapel and British intelligence officer Sarah Churchill must hunt down a shadowy mastermind who is moving vast sums of money from country to country and bank to bank, leaving no tracks -- as he plans for an almost unimaginable Armageddon.


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